"Let's go," added the red-masked turtle, and they ran out the door to the dock.

He hated everything, he was very upset.

Comic: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin; Last Ronin!Mikey; Hurt Michelangelo (TMNT) Michelangelo-centric (TMNT) Other Additional Tags to Be Added; sad shit man; Hallucinations; Familial Abuse; Implied/Referenced Character Death; Implied/Referenced Child Abuse; Implied/Referenced Suicide; Mediocre Parent Splinter (TMNT) Protective. WAS.

He's insecure, and it's understandable but horrible all the same.

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"Let's go," added the red-masked turtle, and they ran out the door to the dock. by tmntMikey13. .


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After making the perilous journey out of his room, which was covered in layer upon layer of comic books, he descended into the kitchen, still rubbing sleep from his eyes. When Michelangelo went home, his brothers were still in Don’s room.

"Hey dudes! Great to.

6:45 A.

But, soon his brothers are about to find out how little they. The ground feels plenty solid, sure.

"Let's go," added the red-masked turtle, and they ran out the door to the dock. .

Based off similar to the Frozen movie/musical Set in an alternate universe with the 2012 turtles in the 2003 universe: Long ago, Mikey was chosen by magical Magus and bl.
On the fifth day,.
That's when he realized he was crying, and he kept crying some more because of the frightening dream.

The turtles then saw movement in the shadows and looked up to see more foot soldiers spreading around them.


Things just keep darkening for Gerard. . This is just a collection of one-shots and scenarios between you and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as some headcanons! They will be based off the 2012 version of the show and.

While splinter was taking the turtles to safety the krang got ahold of Mikey. While the gang of thieves loomed over him, Mikey just stood there staring with wide, glazed eyes fixed on the bandits. 19 pages Completed October 6, 2019 FrenieNewbear1987. Published: Nov 30, 2015. They say she was pregnant but she couldn't see herself in the bedroom. .


Mikey was in his room with tears and pain and sadness th. 1 day ago · "Oh, Mikey," Vanna's turtle replied.

Will Mikey continue to hide is feelings and fall into darkness?.

"Come on!" Briel shouted up at her sisters.

1 day ago · "Oh, Mikey," Vanna's turtle replied.

Mikey has always kept his emotions in check for the shake of his family happiness.